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Spiritleaf owner Michael Adams talks best practices with edibles

First time edible user?

Sarita Patel

Legal edibles are now available to purchase, but what are the best practices for first-time users?

Castanet spoke with Michael Adams, owner of the new Spiritleaf cannabis retail store in West Kelowna on how first time users should ingest the edible cannabis products. 

“The Government of Canada’s put a 10-milligram limit on every edible package, which I think is good because it allows people to really go low and slow when they first get into this type of product, just so that there’s no adverse reaction,” explains Adams. 

Adams encourages people to try one piece at a time and then wait until the next day to up the dosage by a little increment.

“Cannabis reacts differently to different individuals. Some people will metabolize it really quickly, half an hour (to) 45 minutes. Some people, the onset will take two hours, so again that’s why we’re always telling our customers to go low and slow – give it an opportunity to hit your system before you start to take any more,” said Adams. 

He says for customers that have used oils before, edibles will produce a similar high. 

Spiritleaf in West Kelowna opened their doors on Dec. 28 and Adams encourages those in the community that have questions to come in for a face-to-face conversation. 

“We can go over the products and how they work differently in their system versus inhaling it, so we try to give them a bit of education before they purchase these products.”

Right now the number of products are limited and Adams is noticing a high demand for the edibles. He even said he hasn’t got a chance to try them out himself because he wanted to save what the store has for the customers.
“We have some left right now. We sold mostly out of our gummies, but we should be getting some more in by Wednesday, but we do have some chocolates left right now,” says Adams. 

“We’ve got everything from cookies and chocolates and some mints, some gummies and even some CBD tea”

By the looks of it, Adams says the salted caramel chocolate has been the most popular at his West Kelowna Spiritleaf location. 

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