West Kelowna  

Mysterious 'monster' bug

A creepy crawler gave one homeowner a fright. 

The anonymous tipster sent a photograph of a mysterious looking bug on the pavement this past week.

“Found this gem under my garbage can in West Kelowna,” they said. 

At first, it is hard to determine what kind of creature it is – but that is because it is lying on its back. 

Orkin Canada manager Matthew Wright says the bug is of the Cyphoderris species, also known as a great grig or monster haglid.

“A subgroup of tree and bush crickets,” he said. 

The creature often flips on its back if approached or touched. 

Wright says the bug is most likely more afraid of humans than we are of it. 

“No reason to be concerned with the grigs; they are nocturnal and feed on insects, and vegetation,” he said.

If you find a mysterious bug or creature, you can send your photographs or videos to [email protected] 

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