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Peachland might lose clinic

The clinic manager of Peachland’s only medical clinic fears for some of its patients if a new owner can’t be found soon.

Beach Avenue Medical Clinic is scheduled to close on March 31 unless it finds someone to replace outgoing owner and medical director Dr. John Brinkerhoff, who is retiring.

“The rules in B.C. are that a physician in good standing with the college must be the medical director,” clinic manager Lisa Guderyan said Tuesday. “It can’t be an international doctor, and it has a bunch of other stipulations. Unfortunately, none of our other doctors that are working the clinic are in a place to take on that role.

“So we are looking for a replacement medical director and working with the Divisions of Family Practice for the Central Okanagan, hoping that they would be able to support us in that search. And they have been.

“Most doctors go into medicine to be doctors, not to be business people.”

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