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Free pups need homes!

Madison Erhardt

Ten chocolate lab pups almost lost their lives, but thanks to care and support from Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital, momma dog and her babies will make a full recovery.

And, the adorable pups are now looking for their forever homes. 

"An organization wants some help, and they all have parvo virus, which is a common and potentially serious viral disease in dogs," said Rose Vally vet Dr. Oz.

Without intervention, the likelihood of any of the dogs surviving was slim to none. 

"We had a 30 to 50 per cent success rate to save them. We had an option to either euthanize them or to try to take care of them, so we have looked after them for over a week, and we want to see them go to an amazing home," Dr. Oz added. 

The pups – and their mom – are free to adopt.

"We need an owner with a huge heart, first of all. And, secondly, we need an owner with no other puppies around because they still have the parvo and they shed it for three more months."

If you're interested, click here.

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