West Kelowna  

Lifesaver shares story

Madison Erhardt

West Kelowna's Bob Hamilton has given blood 126 times. 

"I was born on the prairies, and my life started off with complications at birth. I was what you call a blue baby and I needed a blood transfusion," said the retired cop. "I didn't realize this till years later after my dad died. He would go out onto the main road and tell people that they need to go give blood." 

When Hamilton became a young man, he also began donating blood regularly. His career with the RCMP offered frequent reminders of the many reasons to give, and he often promoted challenges with fire departments and other police detachments.   

The Canadian Blood Services volunteer celebrated his 70th birthday with his 126th donation. 

“I know the importance of blood and community. It’s in me to give, and I’m happy to help,” he said.

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