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Coyote attacks dog in broad daylight

Another worried dog owner has come forward after her Westie was almost dragged away by a coyote last week in West Kelowna.

This is the second story of an aggressive daylight coyote attack in our area, the last time the beloved pet did not make it.

Cynthia Jarvis lives on the edge of the Two Eagles Golf Course in West Kelowna.

Last Monday Dec. 2 her roommate took Jarvis’s Westie, Winston, and her Sheltie, Piper, for their daily afternoon play in the backyard.

She says they were kicking the ball and having a wonderful time in the snow when a coyote, she believes was stalking them, rushed in and grabbed Winston.

“It only took a moment and a coyote had latched onto my 19-pound Westie and was dragging him out onto the golf course,” shares Jarvis.

Her roommate screamed and started chasing the coyote, fortunately Winston was able to break free and run back to the house. 

“If it was not for Winston’s strength and my friends screams, my Winnie would be gone,” says a shocked Jarvis.  

Winston was rushed to the Rose Valley Vet Clinic, where he underwent surgery to repair tissue damage from the coyote bites.

Since then he has been on high doses of penicillin to ward off any infection. 

“We were lucky this time,” says Jarvis.

Her roommate couldn’t believe the aggression of the coyote saying it had no fear of her, the other dog, or being that close to the home.

She also believes the coyote knew where to be and when. Even suggesting the coyote had watched them before and knew they came out to play in the yard the same time every day.

“When will the City, Westbank First Nations and the Regional Districts realize this is an out of control coyote population that is becoming increasingly aggressive?” asks Jarvis.

The women say the coyotes are increasing in numbers, are starving, and are therefore losing all fear, just to get food.

“How much of a threat must this become?” questions an aggravated Jarvis. “What will the attack be next time, a small child?”

Winston suffered three bite areas on the neck, back and lower lip. He is currently recovering well.

Neither woman takes their dog out in the backyard anymore which used to be their favourite play time.  

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