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Wiki Leaks Reeks

There are those who actually are portraying the Wiki Leaks Leaker-in-Chief as some kind of hero. If you run into any of his adoring fans you may want to remind them of some things.

First, he is dealing in stolen goods. The thief who stole the thousands of docs and sent them to him too is in the slammer.

Second, among the stolen material he has blatantly published is information about Afghan freedom fighters and human rights advocates. These are brave citizens who are working with our coalition. They risk their lives daily to rid their country of the Taliban death cult. Now their identities have been exposed. One of the more notorious Taliban child killing leaders has now gone public about the information he and his fellow killers have received from the wee Wiki leaker.

The Taliban leader said now they will be able to 'punish' those who dare to oppose their murderous reign of terror on girls who want to go to school and women who want to be treated with equality.

Third, there are families right here in our constituency whose loved ones are risking their lives protecting the people of Afghanistan. And right here there are also family members who carry the pain of having lost a loved one in that cause. The weapon of choice which the Taliban have been using to cripple and kill our troops is the 'roadside bomb' or I.E.D. We and our allies have developed certain high tech capabilities which can warn our soldiers in the field of the presence of these awful devices.

The Wiki Leaker has provided those documents to the Taliban.
That means the Taliban are able to improve their ability to kill and maim Canadian soldiers and aid workers and innocent Afghan citizens.

If all of this isn't enough to turn the perspective (and the stomachs) of any Leaker lovers you meet then you can remind them of something else. Mr. Assange is reported to be hiding from Interpol related to a couple of rape charges.
(Of course, the Taliban don't have a problem with the notion of rape so there may be others who also don't struggle with it.)

On a positive note, more good economic news this week.

End of month job reports show another increase in full time jobs in Canada - this time an increase of 15,000!

And the OECD, has just announced that Canada has had more per capita investment this year than any other of the 33 major economies. That means jobs and other opportunities for Canadians.

This week I noticed that there are those locally who don't care for these positive reports. One suggested that I shouldn't send out this kind of economic info to constituents. He said it doesn't deal with government issues!

Another observer tried to suggest that a recent brochure which was mailed out was asking for money and political party membership. I double checked on that. Absolutely not true.

A word to critics: Criticism and debate are important and necessary. Just try to keep it factual.

This weekend I was again involved in what I find is the best way to find out what your constituents think about the issues. It's called door knocking. As many of you know, I do it year round. Not just at election time. No spin doctors. No handlers. No communication advisers. Just me, in front of you, on your doorstep.

I find people are honest and to the point. Most of the folks I met on Saturday were generally supportive of what I'm doing. But some had issues they weren't happy with. I promised I'd look into those and get back to them.

Local democracy, raw and uncensored. I like it.

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