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When you're upset or concerned here in the constituency you do a pretty good job keeping me informed what's on your mind. Often times the things that make the loudest noises on The Hill in Ottawa hardly resonate here at home.

For instance, I've had a grand total of one call to the office on the Guergis/Jaffer matter. (Not that I think for a minute that stuff doesn't bother you. It's just that I think most people realize the Prime Minister responded quickly and it's now being pursued on a number of levels.)

You should know that I am hearing about some other issues.

A Liberal's proposal related to pensions for newcomers to Canada seems to have raised questions locally. It has always been the practice in Canada that immigrants who are seniors must be here for 10 years before they receive a senior's pension.

The Liberal proposal would shorten that down to only 3 years.

Canada has a proud record of having perhaps the most generous immigration policies in the world. That will continue. This change however is being seen by many as going too far.

To answer the questions coming to the office, and on the street, I can inform you that I will not be supporting that change.

I'm also getting questions on the matter of the NDP wanting to see a new tax on iPods, iPhones etc. We've made it very clear as a government that we are not in favour of raising taxes. I believe we're taxed enough at every level.

Needless to say I will be voting against that proposal also. There are better ways to support the artistic industry.

On the topic of legislation that has wide support, the Justice Minister tabled an important Bill this week. The previous federal government had in place a statute that helped convicted murderers.

For convicted killers serving life sentences (think Clifford Olson) a provision was available for them at a point in their sentence to apply every two years for parole.

Let's use serial killer Olson as the real life example of what that meant to the families of the victims. That meant every 24 months the parents and loved ones of those slaughtered children would be informed that the murderer of their child was applying to be released.

That meant they would once again have to summon up the emotional energy to be ready with their victim impact statements to oppose the horrific possibility that the killer might be set free.

That will all change once this new legislation is passed. Hopefully the opposition will not vote against this needed Bill.

On the economic front, the employment numbers were up again (18,000 more jobs) for the month of March. That brings us to a total of 180,000 new jobs since July '09.

For this and other reasons Canada continues to lead the G-8 nations on the global recovery.

And locally, how 'bout our own Dynamic Duo, Pat and Corrine Gable in the Boston Marathon? Pat blasted through with an amazing time of 3:05 and Corrine set a personal best for Boston at 3:32. Wow!

As far as somebody who is constantly doing marathon level efforts to help others, Sue Eden and the Summerland Rotary Club members have done it again. This weekend they once again held their famously fun-filled spring fundraising event.

As one of the must-attend social evenings of the year Sue and the Summerland Rotary Club Members know what it takes to make good things happen.

Congrats to all those who helped to make this event a success!

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