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Jobs up - again

Jobs up…again. It's true. The employment numbers released on Friday showed an increase of 43,000 more people into the workforce. That's the fourth straight month in a row of increases.

I told a group of people that a couple of days ago. They hadn't heard. Don't you find that a bit strange? They hadn't heard? Not their fault. It just hadn't been that broadly reported.

It's common knowledge that a strong market and decisions to invest in job creating businesses are significantly based on a sense of confidence. Don't get me wrong. Bad government policies and over spending can depress the market too. All I'm saying is, without a balanced reflection which includes the positive, an unrealistic level of pessimism can discourage investment decisions.

On local matters, it sure was good to announce funding for an $8.8 million water treatment project for West Kelowna. Mayor Findlater had been after this for some time on your behalf. He's like a bulldog at times. I was pleased to join Minister Ben Stewart to announce that the project is now a go.

Hey, talk about good news stories. Think Peerless, right here in our constituency. This company builds the most amazing heavy-duty mega-trailers in the world. Ever see those giant windmill towers that are popping up all over the planet? Ever wonder how they get moved onto location? I'll tell you how.

The guys down at Peerless build these gi-normous trailers. Then they ship them all over the world. Very impressive and built right here.

Talking about impressive, that was how I would describe the Torch run through Merritt and area on Saturday. We first took part in an inspiring ceremony under the stars on the Lower Nicola Band land. Chief Don and his people put together an amazing program and you should have heard the crowd when the aboriginal runners came into the arbour and onto the stage.

Then we moved to the site set up in the parade square in Merritt. The night was cold but the crowd of thousands was hot! Again, the starry night was the covering for a great time of cheering and believing.

Big congrats to all the volunteers in the Okanagan and Nicola Valleys for making the torch run events among the best in Canada.

My schedule for this week has me arriving in Ottawa on the Monday night midnight flight then on to meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

I fly back to Vancouver for business and Olympic meetings on Wednesday and Friday. Then Friday night and Saturday I'll back here in the Okanagan for constituency meetings. Call the office anytime if you need to talk or want a meeting. Cheers for now.  

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