WHL club doing a review of Indigenous headdress logo

Warriors re-evaluate logo

The Western Hockey League's Moose Jaw Warriors is undertaking a review of the team's logo.

The logo depicts a stylized face of what appears to be a Indigenous warrior in full headdress.

The face and headdress are broken up by a hockey stick and puck.

The logo review comes as sports teams across North America are re-evaluating nicknames and logos which may have racist overtones.

The NFL team in Washington is changing its name from Redskins, however, a new name has not yet been determined.

The CFL's Edmonton football club is also moving away from "Eskimos."

In a brief statement, the Warriors say the review, "represents the next step in what has been an ongoing internal discussion to this point in time."

Speaking with CTV's Regina bureau, GM Alan Millar says a review does not guarantee the logo will change.

“The first step is we want to determine if we feel a change is necessary,” he said. “This is all about engaging and understanding and talking about diversity and talking about inclusiveness.”

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