All quiet on the Rocket front

It's extremely quiet in Rocketville ahead of Thursday's bantam draft.

President and GM Bruce Hamilton and head scout Lorne Frey are in Red Deer for the draft, and Hamilton has made no secret of the fact the fifth overall pick the Rockets hold is up for grabs.

However, he told Castanet last week it is extremely unlikely any major deal involving that pick would be made on the draft floor, meaning time is ticking.

The Rockets could use that high pick to secure some some talent for a team that will host the Memorial Cup next year.

However, Hamilton also said if a deal to his liking couldn't be made, he's more than willing to make the selection.

"After seeing the kids at the BC Best Ever, if we don't get something that's substantial at Number 5, we're going to get a chance to get a really special player," Hamilton said last week.

He indicated he's looking for at least one impact player, likely more for the pick.

While Hamilton knows he'll have to move some picks to bolster the roster, the Rockets don't have a lot to work with this year.

Along with the first round selection, the Rockets have their own second, fourth and sixth round selections and a fifth rounder obtained from Prince Albert.

After that, they have nothing until round 11. Kelowna traded its third round pick to Everett in the Mark Liwiski deal and their fifth rounder to Brandon in the Schael Higson trade.

Deals could also include future picks and current roster players.

Last year, the Rockets grabbed centre Trevor Wong 18th overall. Wong scored once in four games with the Rockets this past season.

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