Lumby yes, Area D no to jail

Lumby residents have said yes while those living within the outlying Regional District (Area D) said no to having a provincial correctional centre built in their community.

Following Saturday's public opinion survey, Lumby residents voted 494 (56%) to 381 (44%) in favour of the correctional centre.

In Area D, residents there voted 727 (66%) to 374 (34%) against the facility.

In total, 56 per cent of those who cast ballots said no to the correctional facility.

The numbers are preliminary.

Voters were asked, “Do you support pursuing the development of a Provincial Correctional Centre within the Village of Lumby?"

The opinion poll was not a binding referendum.

Council, which will make a final decision Monday evening, is not bound by the results of Saturday's poll.

Late last year, Solicitor General, Rich Coleman announced the province would be putting a correctional facility in the Okanagan by 2015 and asked interested municipalities to step forward.

Lumby Mayor, Kevin Acton immediately expressed interest which was unanimously endorsed by council.

The debate has divided the community.

Some are in favour for economic reasons while others are against, worried about the types of people a correctional facility will attract to the community.

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