Bush Boys Parents

The parents of the so called "bush boys" are flying into Vancouver and travelling to the Okanagan this weekend to be reunited with their two sons. Roger and Diane Horn live just outside of Sacramento California and say they haven't seen their sons in almost a year.

Roger Horn says he is the father of "Tom and Will Green," the brothers who have been cared for by the Vernon community since they emerged from the bush in November.

"We are both ecstatic they have been found," says Horn. "It's been a good 10 months and we had no idea they were both up there."

The boys say they were raised in the B.C. wilderness. But Horn says they were raised in Roseville, a Sacramento suburb, and their names are Kyle and Roen.

Horn says Kyle, the older brother, was asked to leave the house, after refusing to find a job.

He says his son Roen became dangerously thin after refusing to eat anything but fresh fruit. When Child Protection Services tried to place him in hospital, Horn says his younger son ran away.

A family friend spotted the boys in a story aired on a California TV newscast after the CBC broke the story on it's network four days ago.

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