Lumby family is living in fear of suspect in the death of Tatjana Stefanski

Family vacates home

A Lumby family are living in fear after the release of a suspect in the death of Tatjana Stefanski.

The 44-year-old woman was found deceased earlier this week after allegedly being abducted from her home west of Lumby on the morning of April 13.

Police have not released the name of the suspect, but announced on the day they revealed Stefanski was missing that they were also looking for her ex-husband Vitali Stefanski.

Tatjana's boyfriend, Jason Gaudreault, posted on social media that he and her two children have “vacated” their property due to safety concerns.

There has been some outrage after the suspect in Tatjana's alleged abduction and death was released from custody.

According to a post by Gaudreault, “after his release the first time, we had an alarming event that happened at my home in Lumby, so I had called the police to come and assist. After the police had left my property Vitali was apprehended a very short distance away for a second time.

“He was brought back to a police station and was again released. So he is still free and needless to say we are scared and have vacated my property. We have no idea what could of happened that day but thankfully I was proactive on calling the police.”

In the post, Gaudreault said it not the fault of the RCMP that the suspect was released.

“I would like everyone to please understand that the problem lies at a way higher level then the police. Trust me, they are doing all they can do within laws and regulations. Do not lash out on them. This is about the catch-and-release laws that need to be changed at a way higher level,” he wrote.

There were plans to hold a rally today in support of Tatjana and her family, but those plans have been put on hold.

As support for Tatjana and her family grows, Lumby's Okanagan Outpost is selling 'Justice for Tatjana' decals at the store, 1960 Vernon St.

The store is donating 100 per cent of the proceeds to Tatjana's family.

A GoFundMe has also been set up to help the family receive things like counselling, therapy, living expenses and lawyers.

In a statement to Castanet earlier this week, RCMP said the investigation into Tatjana's death is still in its infancy.

“I think everyone would agree that our focus should be to ultimately hold the person responsible for the woman's death accountable,” said Staff Sgt. Kris Clark.

“Suspicious death investigations are complex and can take time for the police to gather all the relevant evidence and submit a Report to Crown Counsel (RCC).”

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