Enderby still in high spirits despite losing Kraft Hockeyville bid

High spirits despite loss

Despite losing the Kraft Hockeyville bid, the Enderby community remains in high spirits about the future of its arena.

“It was just lovely to see our community come together, so I don’t think there’s too many people who are too, too upset,” said Kaylee Wells with the city's recreation services.

Wells says the arena will still be fixed, but is still in the waiting on cost estimates. Wells says the cost will definitely be more than $25,000, which is the amount the arena received for upgrades for making the Hockeyville top four.

"Each comm had a really compelling story that they brought and we weren’t the only one in need of a new facility or upgrades to theirs. The community was really excited to see the passion, that everyone was clearly really passionate about the arena."

“We’ve got a lot of support even just winning the $25,000, not $250,000.”

Wells says Hockeyville doesn’t release the number of votes each community received, and confirmed the winner is based on votes and not the community size.

The arena was forced to end this years' season early due to a refrigeration system failure in early January. Wells says the arena is expected to be back open in September.

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