Feral foster dog doing fine after spending two weeks on the run in Vernon

Feral dog caught, doing fine

A feral dog that had escaped two different foster homes has been found safe.

A few days after Gizmo was found, Carmin Harris, an adoption coordinator with Paws It Forward, says the dog is doing fine.

"He was checked over by the vet, and besides being mildly dehydrated and having lost a few pounds, he was in pretty good shape. He is now getting some much-needed rest, food, and love that he deserves."

Gizmo was found on Jan. 30 after spending over two weeks on the run.

The tri-coloured Papillon was rescued from a kill shelter in Devore, California. He was originally being fostered in Kelowna, where he evaded his foster family. Gizmo was being fostered by a Vernon family when he managed to escape from the yard on Jan. 13.

Harris said she doesn’t know much about Gizmo’s history, but the dog was found as a stray before the shelter managed to catch him. She says the Paws It Forward team is grateful to have the dog back.

"Thanks to our team of volunteers that never gave up searching for him, we were able to secure him close to where he had been tracked via AirTag a few times early in his escape," said Harris.

"We want to thank everyone who shared our posts, helped us search and put up posters, and kept an eye open for him. Special thank you to people who allowed us access to their property in the area."

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