Police investigating after group disrupts Vernon school board meeting with outlandish claims

Tirade disrupts school board

School District 22's board of education shut down its last meeting and walked out after a crowd of protesters disrupted proceedings.

The subject wasn't on the board's agenda, but a woman who identifies herself as Tori Olason in comments on Facebook under one version of a video taken of the incident took the microphone and went on an almost 11-minute rant about the state of education.

After invoking God, Olason says: "If you stand up, or leave the room, it will be deemed as your resignation."

The board did just that after her manifesto dragged on at length about the role of the school system and safety of students.

"A man or woman acting as a teacher has the ability to affect one's entire life," says Olason before making claims of "crimes against humanity" and "teaching children to lie and deceive their parents."

"When corruption, greed, profit and criminal activities enter the classroom as we are seeing today, our children suffer horrendous consequences," she says, claiming children have been injected with "bioweapons."

Eventually, a school district staff member tries to halt the tirade, telling the crowd of supporters the meeting is over as he is jeered and yelled at.

Loud music is turned on, but the speaker continues.

Next, the lights are turned off as yelling and swearing carry on.

Olason continues to read her speech by cellphone light, claiming "transexual agendas (are) aimed at the extinction of the human species" and that "children's data is being sold to the Chinese Communist Party" and the education system is "taking bribes from foreign corporations."

She quotes an SD22 statement of support for 2LGBTQIA+ students and asks: "or is it a pedophilic whore house?"

Board of education chair Mark Olsen said he couldn't say much about the Dec. 13 incident as it is under police investigation.

"There is an ongoing RCMP investigation. The meeting was paused and continued online via Zoom so the business of the board could proceed," he said.

A post on the Vernon rant and Rave (uncensored) Facebook page referring to the incident gathered a lengthy debate and 168 comments before comments were shut off.

Opinions were divided, but it was clear the speaker and her supporters did not follow meeting protocol or Robert's rules of order, the standard for parliamentary and elected body decorum.

"As it turns out, people aren't obliged to listen to your nonsense, no matter how childish and entitled you are... especially when you are on their property and in their meeting," said one commenter. "Hateful anti-LGBTQ2S+ folks peddling fake pedophilia conspiracies..."

"Has this person taken the time to learn what she is protesting? No. She is spewing propaganda. I think the board did the right thing by leaving," said another.

"They need to make it so she and her group can't use school district property as their soapbox."

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