Capacity pressure forces postponement of elective surgeries at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Surgeries postponed at VJH

Capacity pressures forced the postponement of elective surgeries this week at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

Interior Health confirms 10 procedures had to be rescheduled.

"While the majority of elective procedures have gone ahead this week and Vernon Jubilee Hospital continues to do urgent/emergency cases, we can confirm that 10 procedures did need to be rescheduled," an IH spokesperson said in an email.

"This was not a result of staffing, but of capacity pressures that limited our ability to admit some surgical patients," IH says.

"We understand the challenges that patients and their families face when surgeries need to be postponed, and our goal is to minimize such disruptions wherever possible."

The health authority says the decision to postpone surgeries "involves careful consideration of various factors, with a focus on each patient's individual circumstances and the overall system resources available.

"If a surgery does need to be postponed, we work with patients and their families to minimize the impact of any delays, ensure continuity of care and prioritize the rescheduling of these procedures if we do need to postpone them."

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