Trumpeter swan with dislocated shoulder rescued from Okanagan Lake

Injured swan rescued

An injured swan is on the mend after being rescued by Vernon wildlife expert Pete Wise.

The trumpeter swan, a protected species, was found earlier this week, tangled in a piece of metal fencing on the shore of Okanagan Lake in Vernon.

It was taken to the Interior Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Summerland, where it is still not out of the woods, with a "guarded" prognosis.

The swan's veterinary exam found a dislocated right shoulder.

It was bandaged up to see if the tendons would heal adequately for its flight muscles to work properly.

"A dislocated shoulder in waterfowl is a serious injury," the rehab society says.

"Even if the bird heals a stretched or partially torn tendon, the scar tissue often prevents flight. We wanted to give this patient’s joint a few days for the swelling to come down (with the help of anti-inflammatories) and then reassess if there is progress."

The society says the swan is currently unable to lift the injured wing when the bandage is off.

"As a community, we all have a responsibility to care for our wild neighbours, from ensuring we're not littering our shorelines, to learning about the wild lives we share this valley with and how we can support them."

"Such a beautiful bird. Rescues can go sideways in an instant," said Wise, who thanked Rodger Lizee for assisting in the rescue.

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