White House Mortgages awarded for customer service by Vernon chamber

Service that really matters

Tracey Prediger

When you walk through the doors of White House Mortgages off 27th Street in Vernon, you see the results of Deb White’s lifelong dedication to her business and community.

From the foyer to the hallways, there are rows of framed accolades and shelves built to hold them.

The latest is a Customer Service Excellence award from the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.

White says despite the impressive display, being recognized for her company's dedication to doing a good job never gets old.

“Community means so much to us, and getting a customer service award from the chamber of commerce – no, it doesn’t get old. It just means we are doing our job properly and attending to the needs of the people in Vernon properly,” says White.

What works for White and her team of mortgage brokers is knowing every client’s needs are unique.

She says what sets them apart from traditional lenders is as simple as picking up the phone.

“I was answering messages from my clients last night at 7 o’clock. They were out looking at homes and they wanted to know … ’Ooh, this one is $10,000 over what you said I could afford, is there any way we can make it work?’ The bank’s not going to be available at 7 o'clock at night.”

Around the clock reliability has served as a foundation for White House Mortgages and allowed it to weather market volatility and rising interest rates.

“Someone who used to be able to afford let’s say $500,000, now they’re at maybe $420,000.

“Do I see a shift in the economy coming? The economists are saying in 2024 we are going to see a shift and we are going to see rates coming down.”

While lower interest rates may be on the horizon, White’s advice for anyone wanting to borrow is “to buy within your means and talk to your mortgage broker.”

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