Camera captures owl swooping at cat in Coldstream

Cat versus owl on camera

Contributed Stef Amber

A pet cat was nearly swooped up by a “gutsy” owl in Coldstream's Lower Middleton Mountain area.

Stef Amber took to the Middleton Mountain Community Facebook page to warn residents about the airborne predator.

“An owl tried to pick up a tuxedo cat but failed right off our street (another neighbour caught it on camera) at 11:30 last night,” said Amber’s post.

The video shows a cat trotting along a road before an owl swoops down and tries to pick the animal up. The cat manages to flip out of the owls grip and runs toward some nearby trees.

Amber was advising other residents to check their cat for injuries if their pet fit the description of the one caught on camera. She said the cat was a black and white tuxedo with white markings and white paws.

According to another resident, the owl is not a new prowler. One commenter said the owl lives at the end of Lindsay road and said it’s “gutsy.”

“It tried to take my four month old pit bull puppy a few years ago,” said the commenter.

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