North Okanagan Hospice Society gets 30k funding boost

Hospice gets 30k boost

Over 30k was donated to the North Okanagan Hospice Society thanks to a fundraising campaign by a local grocer.

The 15th annual Butcher Boys Grocery Memorial Hospice Fundraiser raised $30,263 this year, ten thousand more than it raised in 2022. In total the store has raised over 200k in the past 15 years.

“This is in honour of the Butcher Boys family that the North Okanagan Hospice Society has taken such great care of,” said Tamsen Guidi from Butcher Boys.

“Thank you to every customer who passed along their spare change, every person who “Added $5” to their grocery bill over the last 10 weeks, everyone who has supported us on social media, every single human and local business that supported our 3 special events that we added this year: The BBQ, the Silent Auction, and PLINKO!”

Companies in the Vernon area helped out by donating to the cause, Bannister GM and SilverStar Mountain Resort each donated $2,000.

Interior Health provides funding for the hospice society, but NOHS must raise about $700,000 to adequately fund community demand for care and programs.

“This is going to help hospice with our strategic plan, specifically with the redesign of our care station, and our plan to move hospice out into the community and have hospice at home.” NOHS executive director Lisa Matthews said. “So, this is a great first step to provide services where they want it and how they want it.”

“To be able to hit 30K is wild, and unexpected, and we’re so thankful that we were able to bring this event back into the community in a more personal way again this year!” Guidi added.

The hospice society is running its largest annual campaign called ‘Journey’s’, those wanting to donate can visit the NOHS website here.

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