BC SPCA rescues 30 dachshunds in deplorable conditions from Cherryville breeder

30 dachshunds rescued

The BC SPCA has rescued 30 dachshunds from deplorable conditions in the Cherryville area.

“The dogs were found to have dental disease, overgrown nails, exposure to high ammonia levels and were living in unsanitary conditions. They were kept in small crates. The little bedding present was soiled with urine and feces,” says SPCA senior officer Eileen Drever.

The dogs ranged in age from four months to five years old.

“I believe these breeders have been breeding for a long time. I don't believe they are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.”

Drever says the SPCA was made aware of the situation after a tip from on the Animal Helpline. The dogs were rescued on Tuesday.

When animal protection officers arrived, the smell of ammonia permeated the house.

“They found that the dogs were primarily kept in a basement where urine was soaked into the wooden shelves holding dog crates. Although they had occasional outside access, it was clear that these little ones spent most of their time without proper ventilation or comfort.”

Drever says the dogs are not socialized, are fearful and are “all currently under the care of a veterinarian and are receiving all the love and attention they deserve.”

Drever says the investigation is ongoing, and the dogs are not currently available for adoption.

A fundraising campaign has been launched to get the animals the care they need.

The SPCA's Adrienne McBride says one of the first things rescuers noticed was the dogs' “overwhelming” odour.

“They were confined to conditions that left them with no choice but to sit or lie in their own waste – urine-soaked bedding and feces. It breaks my heart thinking about how helpless they have been. They all need grooming to remove the dirt in their coats and ears, and to trim their overgrown nails,” McBride said.

Two of the rescued dogs are distressingly thin. You can see every bone under their fur, and they were taken directly into vet care on arrival.

If you see animals in distress, call the Animal Helpline at 1-855-622-7722.

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