Mini duck hide and seek fad a colourful curiosity that's taking hold in the Okanagan

What's with those ducks?

The mini duck phenomenon has made its way to the Okanagan.

Tiny and colourful resin ducks are starting to be found more frequently in all kinds of places in a trend that appears to be gaining steam.

The idea is simply to brighten someone's day by leaving the colourful trinket for them to find in an unlikely location.

The fad appears to have begun about a year or so ago in the U.S. and has gradually spread.

"Rave to the amazing person who hid little ducks all over Nature's Fare today. You made the staff's day," Crystal Goolia posted in the Vernon Rant and Rave (uncensored) Facebook group recently.

Another Facebook page has been created specifically on the topic.

The Duck Divas page says: "We hide tiny ducks in odd places just to put smiles on people's faces!"

The B.C.-based page started up in May, and since then ducks have popped up across the province, from Langley to Merritt, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and Revelstoke.

In recent weeks, they've started showing up in Vernon as well.

"All right, all our lovely ducky followers, we have grown so much so fast! So much so that we have created a Facebook group so any and all current and future Duck Divas can post for themselves if they wish ... so that anyone who is lucky enough to find a duck or two can also freely post about where they found their new little friends!" the Duck Divas posted in June.

Ducks are showing up and have been photographed in stores, parks, at gas stations, workplaces, on window ledges and more.

Finders can choose to keep the duck as a souvenir or play it forward by leaving it behind or moving it to a new location.

Many then go on to buy more ducks of their own to spread the fun.

The mini ducks can be bought on Amazon for about $6 to $10 for 100.

They're not to be confused with the rubber ducky cruise ship phenomenon, which began in 2018 and sees cruise ship travellers leaving the bathtub toys on ships all over the world.

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