Smell from Middleton cannabis facility an issue for neighbours, Vernon council told

Cannabis wafts into council

Cannabis concerns wafted into Vernon council chambers Monday afternoon.

A delegation from the Quail Run neighbourhood, led by Brian Johnson, raised issue with the prominent smell of pot in the area due to a legal growing facility at 1701 Kosmina Rd.

Johnson said last year the operator was issued a city notice to “reduce the emitted smell ... and it did happen for a short period, but came back strong as ever.”

“Having unpleasant odours can bother some people and influence their life, including mental health issues, because they started to stay inside, and also affect some people on their sinuses and breathing problems, so it's not a good thing,” he said.

Johnson said he was advised by the city to contact Health Canada. But, he says, Health Canada told him to reach out to the City of Vernon.

“Cannabis commercial facilities are required to have no technical odour at the edge of (their) property,” said Johnson.

“(They’ve) failed to do this, as required since they began operation They're more worried about their shareholders than fellow neighbours or workers. The technology is there … but it does cost money to operate and that's an issue that they have.”

Coun. Kari Gares said she'd be “the first person to agree,” adding she previously lived on Middleton Mountain and still drives past the facility: “It is an obnoxious smell,” she agreed.

“My question to staff is, what tools do we have to deal with this?” asked Gares.

City staff said they'll come back to council with recommendations on what can be done.

Coun. Akbal Mund suggested Johnson reach out to the BC Cannabis and Liquor Distribution Branch, as they “deal with the regulations” for cannabis.

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