Capsized shrimp boat recovered from Okanagan Lake

Capsized boat recovered

Chelsey Mutter

The shrimp boat Captain Travis Van Hill was working on the night he is presumed to have drowned is now out of Okanagan Lake.

Crews were at Paddlewheel Park boat launch in Vernon Tuesday afternoon, dragging the formerly capsized boat out of the water.

The boat has now been dry docked.

Kim Van Hill, wife of the missing boat captain, says the boat will be taken away.

"It's going into lock-up under security, for investigation," she told Castanet.

It took two trucks to pull the vessel out of the water.

Van Hill was not found on the boat when it was recovered.

Some believed he had been caught in the netting pulled behind the boat, but when the netting was recovered, Van Hill was not among it.

The Western capsized during a July 24 windstorm on Okanagan Lake and had previously been pulled closer to shore, near Hulburt Beach.

There, a barge with a crane along with a dive team worked to pump water from the boat and put it back above the surface.

It has been nine days since Van Hill went missing, and his family has voiced frustration over red tape slowing down the recovery process.

WorkSafeBC has stated it is "working closely with authorities to determine the best options for the recovery operation to ensure the safety of everyone involved."

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