Kal Beach Pier project needs proper permit to proceed

Repairs on hold for Kal Pier

Desperately needed upgrades to the Kal Beach Pier could be on hold for upwards of a year.

While the requests for proposal on the remediation work needed closed July 21, administrators with the District of Coldstream are letting interested contractors know the project “will not be possible until spring 2024 at the earliest.”

This information is contained In the latest capital update report to be brought to Coldstream council on Aug 14, 2023.

According to the report, administrators have been cautioning potential contractors that the project will be delayed while the District waits for the proper permitting.

The pier is currently in an archeological permit area and the necessary site alteration permit could take up to a year.

While a much needed ladder for the pier is going to be replaced when it arrives, no other upgrades will be possible until the permit is received.

Until then, the report states “Parks will continue to monitor the pier and ensure it remains safe to use.”

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