Majestic moose sculpture so big it had to be lifted through roof of sculptor's shop

Majestic moose is loose

North Okanagan metal sculptor Braden Kiefiuk had to remove the roof from his workshop to get his latest creation out.

Kiefiuk says the gigantic moose sculpture had to be craned out of the Armstrong-area shop.

"He’s so big that I had to remove a section of the roof to get him out of the shop and hired a local Hiab truck to do the lift," Kiefiuk wrote on the Majestic Metal Art Facebook page.

He says he started the project 10 years ago, but "pushed it to the back" while he worked on commissioned pieces.

"Last fall, I thought maybe it's time to get back on it," says Kiefiuk.

He estimates he's put 200-plus hours into the imposing sculpture, which stand eight feet tall at the tip of its antlers, seven feet at the shoulder.

Kiefiuk estimates it contains between 4,000 and 5,000 pieces — all of which had to be individually welded onto the sculpture — and weighs between 800 and 1,000 pounds.

He says he has a couple of potential buyers, "but I'd be just as happy to see it find a home beside my pond."

While he's already mulling ideas for his next project, Kiefiuk says he'll take the next couple of month off and "enjoy the summer" before getting serious in the shop again.

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