Suspended Splatsin Chief Doug Thomas vindicated in court hearings

Splatsin chief vindicated

A challenge to Splatsin Kukpi7 (Chief) Doug Thomas's election has been dismissed.

A Splatsin First Nation source confirms hearings held in May challenging Thomas's right to continue to lead the Splatsin have been found to have no merit.

Two hearings were brought against Thomas by band members Gloria Morgan and River Johnson.

A panel of three court-appointed lawyers evaluated written and in-person testimony from those seeking to remove Thomas as well as his supporters and found "no valid reason to disqualify" the chief.

The panel decision was unanimous.

However, a third hearing is still outstanding, brought forward by Splatsin council members Theresa William, Sabrina Vergata, and Leonard Edwards.

No new testimony is expected, and it is "not expected to change the result of the first two hearings," the source says.

Thomas was placed on paid suspension pending the outcome of the hearings and remains on suspension until they have all concluded.

He is expected to resume his duties as chief immediately thereafter.

Further details of the rift between factions at Splatsin are expected to come out after the dust has settled.

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