Vernon man says he's dancing through life to spread joy

Dancing through life

Chelsey Mutter

Shawn Vibert is dancing through life.

If you’ve seen the young man dancing through the streets of downtown Vernon and wondered why, Castanet has the answer.

Vibert says he was "dying" before God saved his life and "gave him the ability to dance."

Now, he says, he simply wants to spread love to the community.

“I think one of the most beautiful things is to be able to dance. So I just put on the music and just flow...

“I'd like to spread the love and, yeah, just that's basically who I am and what I do.”

“And I just decided, You know I’m gonna go and spread the love again today and get outside, it's nice.”

Vibert says he sees everyone as his brothers and sisters, and hopes to share his gift with them.

“I think the best possible experience that I've experienced ever in my life is being able to put the headphones on and just dance in public and do it in front of everybody, and just be free and flowing,” says Vibert.

“I've never felt anything more exhilarating and better in my whole life. So to me, it's like the pinnacle of what you can do as in human experience, and that's what I do is beyond money. It's just something that's really beautiful. So I do it as a gift to everybody.”

Anybody looking for an extra dose of joy or love in their life can keep their eyes peeled for Vibert.

You might just spot him dancing through the streets.

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