All awards from Regional Heritage Fair won by Vernon students

Clean sweep for Vernon

Vernon students made a clean sweep at the Okanagan Region Heritage Fair in Kelowna, Tuesday.

The fair is similar to a science fair, but focuses on Canadian history.

Of the 40 projects entered, only three were chosen to advance to the provincial competition.

All three of those students are from School District 22.

Mission Hill Elementary student Ayesha Raza’s project on Violet King Henry took first place, Austin Moran from Alexis Park took second for his research on Luc Girouard, and Fulton student Sylvie Drinkwater’s historic look at Vernon’s Chinatown clinched her spot to represent the Okanagan.

A first alternate or fourth place award was handed to another Vernon student – Hunter Laurin-Simpson from Mission Hill for a Simpson Family history project.

“I think we have some really talented kids in the school district,” said retired teacher Jane Sutton. Sutton is a member of Vernon’s North Okanagan Optimist Club, which teams up with the Vernon Museum to hold the local event.

“It’s really teachers like Christy Mulligan and Chad Soon who provide support and extra time to the students,” Sutton says.

There were 3 other awards presented.

The Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC Award also went to Vernon's Drinkwater.

The SFU Department of History Community Heritage Award was given to Sydnee Swetlishoff (Mission Hill) for her project on NHLers Gino Odjick.

Nealla Carson (Mission Hill) won the Parks Canada Award for her work on the Famous Five Canadian suffragettes.

The BC Heritage Fairs Society was formed in 2003 to promote an awareness and understanding of Canadian history and heritage.

The winners now head to an all-expense-paid trip to compete at the provincials in Prince George in July.

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