Amazing race winners back in Okanagan to paraglide after missing challenge due to COVID

Amazing race winners back

Chelsey Mutter

The winners of Amazing Race Canada were in Lumby Monday to complete a challenge they’d missed while competing on the show.

Catherine Wreford and Craig Ramsay are best friends who won season eight of the popular TV show.

The pair caught COVID during the race and had to miss the paragliding challenge of the race in Lumby.

“I was devastated when I found out what they were actually doing,” Wreford recalled.

“I just feel like a second chance has been given, and it’s an amazing second chance. And you just have to live your life and do what you want to do. If you want to jump off of somewhere, go do it.” said Wreford.

They reached out to the company that helped contestants paraglide on the show, and asked if they could try doing the challenge a year later. Dave Underwood, owner of Freedom Flight Park and School, was happy to let the duo come back to fly with him.

“We’re gonna be human kites, as the episode was called. I’m a human kite in the Amazing Race, so we’re gonna go free fly in the Okanagan,” said Underwood.

Wreford has terminal brain cancer. She was diagnosed in 2013 and given two to six years to live.

“Being able to do this today means the world to me, because, what I think the viewers of Amazing Race Canada weren’t told is that every three months Catherine has an MRI and if it’s stable, we have her for another three months – and we can never be too confident of that,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay says Wreford is an inspiration to him and people across the country.

“It should inspire people to do fun, extraordinary things. You have this one life, and it’s worth living to the fullest,” said Ramsay.

After temporarily being off the show because of COVID, the pair competed with another group to see who would return to the show.

Wreford and Ramsay came back to the show and ended up winning.

Wreford encourages people to live life and do everything they want to do.

She says being able to do the paragliding challenge was exciting.

“It’s way more special that I get to do it with Craig because ... I would have done it and he would have been down there waiting for me, or he would have done it and I would have been mad because I didn’t get to do it, right?” said Wreford.

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