New principals and vice-principals at some Vernon area schools

New faces at area schools

There will be a few new faces at some Vernon schools as some familiar ones move one.

School District 22 has some change opportunities due to retirements, transfers and newly selected members of the principal and vice-principal pool.

District Supt. Christine Perkins said retirements allow for movement throughout the district and transfers are beneficial to the individuals involved and the district as a whole.

Perkins said the “establishment of a principal and vice-principal pool means the district can call someone up more quickly as they are prepared in advance.”

The changes take effect on Aug. 1.

“The principal and vice-principal pool will be utilized to cover early retirements, illness, or other leaves,” said Perkins. “We thank the many who helped with short-listing, and four rounds of interviews.”

Representation on the interview panels included students, parents from the District Parent Advisory Council, the two unions – CUPE, and the Vernon Teachers Association (VTA), exempt staff, members of the Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association (PVPA), and of course, our Trustees.

  • Corinne McWhinney is currently acting Principal of vLearn/Academies/Career Education will be the Principal of vLearn/Academies/Career Education located at Clarence Fulton. This position became open when Josh Vance became Assistant Director of Technology and Innovation for the district in February.
  • Danielle Calder is currently acting Vice-Principal/District Technology Innovation Coordinator at Mission Hill Elementary will become Vice-Principal of vLearn/Academies/Career Education.
  • Debbie Cullum, currently the Principal at Kidston Elementary, will become Principal at Cherryville Elementary.
  • Nigel Maccagno, currently Principal at Lavington Elementary, replaces retiring Principal Mary Takasaka will become new Principal at J.W. Inglis Elementary in Lumby.
  • Jason Beck, currently Acting Vice-Principal/Teacher at Vernon Secondary School will become Vice-Principal at Mission Hill Elementary.
  • Karen Rogers, currently Acting Vice-Principal at Okanagan Landing replaces retiring Principal Jodi van der Meer and will become new Principal at Okanagan Landing.
  • Lisa Quiring, currently Acting Principal/Vice-Principal at Mission Hill will be transferred and become Vice-Principal at Ellison Elementary.
  • Maxine Champion, currently Vice-Principal at Beairsto Elementary, will be transferred and become Vice-Principal at Okanagan Landing
  • Carrie Sutch, currently Principal at Cherryville Elementary, will be transferred and become Principal at Kidston Elementary.
  • Mike Sutch, currently Associate-Principal of Coldstream Elementary, will be transferred and become Principal of Lavington Elementary.
  • Sarah Wick, currently Principal at Crawford Bay Community School will become Vice-Principal at Coldstream Elementary.
  • Carol-Anne Leidloff will be the new Principal at Alexis Park Elementary.
  • Erik Nielsen, current Vice-Principal at Harwood Elementary will be the new Vice-Principal at Beairsto Elementary School.
  • Ken Wandeler, currently Acting Principal/Vice-Principal at Okanagan Landing Elementary, will be transferred and become Vice-Principal at Harwood Elementary.
  • Kyle Doerksen, currently Vice-Principal at Ellison Elementary will become Vice-Principal at Alexis Park Elementary .
  • Cordell Ware, currently Acting Principal/Vice-Principal at Alexis Park Elementary and replacing retiring VP, Louise Alexander, will become new Vice-Principal at BX Elementary.
  • Christine Mykituik, currently Acting Vice-Principal/SBRT at Hillview Elementary will become Vice-Principal at Hillview Elementary

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