North Okanagan cannabis company lands deal to send weed to Jamaica

Cannabis to the Caribbean

It could be a case of sending coal to Newcastle, but Okanagan-grown cannabis is making its way to Jamaica.

Lotus Cannabis Co. in Armstrong has teamed up with Pistol & Paris to send a unique strain of cannabis overseas to the heart of the pot-puffing rasta culture.

“This Tranquil Elephantizer is not one that is in Jamaica at the moment,” a spokesperson says.

“We have a very rare strain collection, just within Lotus, that we believe a lot of growers don't have access to. So this provides exclusive strains that a lot of growers in Jamaica probably don't have their hands on as well,” the company says.

Working with Pistol & Paris helps smaller growers like Lotus get their products to market.

When Pistol & Paris were looking for a trustworthy product to send to Jamaica, Lotus says its company was chosen.

“We just recently launched a couple of strains with them, so they were trusting in our product quality. We built a $13-million indoor facility, which is up to pharmaceutical-grade standards.”

Lotus Cannabis says this is a great first step to opening a cannabis relationship with Jamaica and setting international landscape for the company.

"I think that's one of Pistol & Paris and their connections in Jamaica's goals, is to kind of open up the more international landscape, whether that's exporting from Canada or (importing) into Canada."

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