Vernon's SC Carts ready to expand, builds cart for NHL's Zach Kassian

Not your grampa's golf cart

Tracey Prediger

Vernon's SC Carts has been in business in the hills above Swan Lake since 2010, but the company that builds custom golf and street legal carts, is positioning itself for growth.

Along with an online presence, the company will soon be opening a showroom in Kelowna.

“Customers can have a hands-on experience there, touch the carts, drive a cart," says production manager Lee Waters, who’s excited to show off the company’s two lines of vehicles.

"We’ll have a design studio, it will be a showroom featuring about 18 of our vehicles,” he says.

The City cart is their road-ready version, which is equipped with a 72-volt lithium battery.

The golf cart model can be decked out with a multitude of extras.

“The sky’s the limit for the most part with golf related items, coolers ... club washers, and stereo equipment is really popular,” he says.

Arizona Coyotes hockey player, Zach Kassian’s custom cart is ready for delivery, but Waters says you don’t have to be pulling in an NHL’ers salary to be able to afford one.

“You’re looking at just under $20,000 to start for one of our base models and then it goes up from there,” he says.

Customers can choose colours, upholstery and more. New models will have turning radius improvements, soft drive suspension and four-wheel disc brakes, with the lithium battery becoming standard.

Waters is proud to note that is all being put together in Vernon.

“We are a community based company, so you know we want to employ people in the Valley, we want to supply customers in the Valley.”

Along with the showroom in Kelowna, there will also be a factory expansion.

“This will stay, we will just expand. The upholstery department will take up the whole top floor rather than having it shared with paint. And with our new factory, we’re going to be able to put in a top of the line paint booth.

The grand opening for the Kelowna showroom is April 1, while the Vernon expansion is slated for this fall.

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