Take a look inside new weather dome at top of Silver Star Mountain

Inside the weather dome

Wanna take a peek inside a radar weather dome?

Environment Canada provided SilverStar Mountain Resort staff a tour of the newly installed tower near the top of the mountain's gondola.

A video posted to the resort's FaceBook page takes you inside the huge white dome.

The new weather tower became operational in December.

It serves the entire Southern Interior and was replaced as a part of a country-wide, seven-year project to upgrade Canada's radar network.

The tower has a range of 240 kilometres and provides more accurate information for forecasters.

Longer Doppler range will mean meteorologists will be able to see the rotation of clouds farther out, which will help with wind warnings. The new tower also uses dual polarization technology, which means it sends a beam vertically and horizontally.

The technology can also tell the difference between rain, snow and hail.

Public data from the new radar tower can be found here.

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