City of Vernon paid out almost $1 million in overtime in 2022

Big bucks for overtime

The City of Vernon paid out almost $1 million in overtime last year.

But the good news is, that was less than it paid out in 2021.

City council will receive a report at their regular meeting this afternoon outlining how much was spent on overtime and where it was spent.

In 2022, the city paid $928,413 in overtime costs, $174,838 less than 2021.

“During the year, some departments show increases in overtime costs, while other departments show decreases in overtime costs compared to 2021. Increases from 2021 are seen in financial services, fire fighting, various departments in operations and RCMP support services. Decreases in overtime costs compared to 2021 are seen in Emergency management, sewer and projects,” the report states.

Some departments such as the RCMP support services, fire rescue services, and recreation services regularly schedule staff to work overtime in order to provide services seven days a week.

At the end of the year, the 2022 actual expenditure for labour ($2,029,921) was below the $2,150,146 budgeted for 2022.

Fire rescue overtime showed a reduction in overtime costs from 2021 by $110,534. In 2021, there was significant overtime costs due to the city assisting neighbouring communities during the White Rock Lake wildfire. All overtime costs from that event were reimbursed by the province.

Operations departments with increased overtime costs include facilities, fleet and public works. A facilities overtime increase of $11,467 is due to a combination of efforts to remove snow and work on landscaping/tree works during hours that minimize safety hazards and maximize efficiency.

Public Works' overtime increased $43,270 due to snow clearing efforts in the early winter and late fall.

Recreation services overtime continues to be funded by savings from vacant positions.

At the end of the year, 2022 actual expenditures for labour ($4,249,558) were well below the $4,398,355 bugeted.

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