Jenelle Brewer has written her life story in her first book Releasing Jezebel: Embracing the Lioness Within

From victim to victor

Jenelle Brewer is sharing her story of trauma and recovery.

The Okanagan Indian Band sqilx’w woman and mother of two has released a book chronicling her journey from victim to victor.

The first-time author says she always seeks challenging projects, but because she cherishes her privacy, writing the book was a challenge.

However, providing hope for others inspired her to share her story of overcoming trauma and addiction.

“I have turned my shame story into a success story, and one day, I decided I couldn’t let who I was stop me from who I was about to become,” Brewer says.

In her memoir, Releasing Jezebel: Embracing the Lioness Within, Brewer details a life other children dreamed of at the family ranch on a reserve with her faithful dog, beautiful horses, a turtle-filled pond and abundant acreage to freely roam.

However, every fairy-tale has a villain, and hers was child abuse.

Brewer struggled as a victim, but also as a witness to the repeated abuse a close friend endured. Trauma shaped her personality from a young age as she repeatedly faced and escaped her demons.

As a teen, Brewer used alcohol to numb emotional pain and eventually turned to drugs to forget what no child should have experienced or seen.

Addiction rapidly led her on a roller coaster of highs and lows as she desperately attempted to bury her past.

Brewer takes the reader through near-death encounters while dangerous men plant the seed of unworthiness and its self-destructive consequence.

After becoming a mother, Brewer created a better life by tapping into her determination to heal. She continues to fight the adversities of post-traumatic stress disorder as she walks the road of recovery.

A book launch will be held at the Vernon Prestige Lodge and Conference Centre April 1.

Tickets includes a copy of the book, appetizers, keynote speakers Angie Lohr and Jade Seabrook, a reading by the author, a burlesque performance by Femme Fatale Dance and a dance with a live rock band Sonic Rebels.

For more info and to purchase event tickets or books, click here.

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