Dogs find way home after 5 days missing on Enderby Bluffs

Home safe and sound

UPDATE: 12:40 p.m.

This dog story has a happy ending.

Erin Jardine reports her two dogs – which had been missing for five days on the Enderby Bluffs – are back home and safe.

Despite search efforts on the cliffs, including from Vernon Search and Rescue, canine pals Rip and Walker made their own way home Friday morning.

Jardine was out on the mountain when a friend called to say the dogs had returned.

"I was halfway up the mountain in snowshoes," she says.

The dogs are now curled up at home and none the worse for wear for their adventure, other than being "a bit skinny."

"They stuck together and really took care of each other out there," says a thankful Jardine.

ORIGINAL: 9:15 a.m.

An Enderby woman is desperately searching for her dogs that have been missing for five days on the Enderby Bluffs.

Erin Jardine says her dogs Rip and Walker took off after seeing a deer on Monday as she and the pets were hiking on the bluffs near her home.

Jardine was out searching on the bluffs Friday morning, and Vernon Search and Rescue had arrived with a rope team.

However, the dogs have still not been found.

One has only three legs, and the other is a young pup.

Jardine says there had been no sign of the dogs since they ran off, but their barks were heard Thursday night.

"I'm just hiking up there, it's pretty foggy," Jardine said about 9 a.m.

When they encountered the deer, Jardine says Rip and Walker "took off straight into the bush."

Jardine is hoping a drone operator may be able to come out to the bluffs to help pinpoint the dogs' location, as they haven't been heard this morning.

Making matters worse, Jardine recently moved to the area, and the dogs aren't familiar with the trails around the bluffs.

Rip is a two-year-old male heeler cross, tri-coloured, with a missing back leg.

Walker is a seven-month-old lab mix with a black coat and white chest and paws.

Contact Jardine at 778-874-7767.

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