Llama Sanctuary has to move from its temporary Vernon location, raising money for new site

Llamas need help

David Chapman and Lynne Milsom are on a mission to provide a loving home for animals that might have a darker fate otherwise.

Several years ago, the pair founded the Llama Sanctuary, the largest camelid rescue organization in North America, and are dedicated to saving as many of the gentle animals as they can.

But their efforts have been hampered due to circumstances beyond their control.

Since the sanctuary was formed, they operated out of an acreage near Chase, but last year the land owner said they would have to move the operation.

They scrambled to find a place for their beloved animals and were offered a temporary location in Vernon.

However, time is running out and they have to move to a new location by the end of March.

“A suitable property has been found, but your help is urgently needed to secure this property and place it into trust, ensuring a strong future for the largest camelid care facility in North America,” said Chapman.

The Llama Sanctuary typically cares for around 40 resident llamas and alpacas at any given time. During the height of the COVID pandemic, that number soared to 60 residents, with 150 animals being re-homed in a single year.

The sanctuary also provides emergency assistance and care for camelids displaced by forest fires, floods and other natural disasters occurring throughout the province.

Very few suitable properties are available on the real estate market at this time and the typical price tag is way beyond the limited means of The Llama Sanctuary, a non-profit society.

“And so we reach out to animal lovers everywhere for assistance in securing this property, not just for the llamas, but to enable the Llama Sanctuary to expand its operations to include many more animals in need of help at this time,” said Chapman.

To help, contact the sanctuary at [email protected] or to make a donation click here.

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