Armstrong and Soda Creek Tolko mills to extend shutdown through January

Tolko curtails 2 mills

Tolko Industries is extending downtime at its Soda Creek and Armstrong Lumber operations through January.

The Vernon-based lumber company announced the extended break Wednesday, effective Jan. 2

The downtime will be evaluated at the end of the month to determine next steps, the company said in a press release.

"A lack of available economic fibre and weak markets are impacting our operating footprint in the province," said vice-president of solid wood Troy Connolly.

"While our goal is to ensure consistency and stability for all of our operations, the steep decline in lumber demand and upward cost pressures in the province make the decision necessary."

The temporary curtailments will reduce production by approximately 35 million board feet of stud lumber.

The move will affect more than 350 employees.

"We do not make these decisions without a lot of consideration," said Connolly. "We have an extremely committed workforce at these locations whose families and communities rely on Tolko. We will continue to support our employees during this challenging time."

Vice-president of marketing and sales Pino Pucci said Tolko "will continue to support our customers and do our best to minimize any impacts. Our customers are understanding of current market conditions and aware of our ongoing commitment to serve them."

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