Cat found in fire truck engine compartment is doing well, says vet clinic

Fire kitty's doing fine

Wondering how many of its nine lives the fire engine kitty has used up?

The rescued kitten is apparently doing just fine – but no one has come forward yet to claim it.

The cute black cat with one white paw was discovered inside the engine compartment of a Vernon fire truck after firefighters responded to a crash on Highway 97 at Birnie Road on Nov. 27.

The unexpected hitch-hiker was found when firefighters heard meowing once they were back at the firehall.

They kept the cat at the firehall for the night before taking it to a local veterinary clinic, where it is still "having fun hanging out."

"We still have it," a spokesperson said.

With no one coming forward to claim the cat, staff believe it is a stray or feral feline.

"But she is clean, fed and healthy ... she's just kinda hanging out for now," the clinic says.

"She's pretty cute and happy. I think she still has all her nine lives left."

The animal will likely be adopted out through the clinic or handed over to the SPCA.

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