Former Vernon resident knighted into Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

Vernon man knighted

Darren Jacklin can now add knighthood to his list of accomplishments.

The former Vernon resident was recently knighted into the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.

“To receive this honorable milestone bears a great accountability and responsibility to honesty, integrity, loyalty, teamwork, collaboration, heart, transparency, vulnerability and authenticity,” Jacklin says.

Jacklin was among 400 people to be nominated from around the world, of which 24 were approved by Spain's Ministry of Interior, recommended by the secretary of state, and finally approved by Prince Rafael, based on his constitutional tradition known as “Fons Honorum.”

There are eight categories under which people can be nominated.

Jacklin was nominated under the philanthropy (strategic, investment or charitable giving) category.

“It's all the things I have done around the world. I have overcome lots of adversaries, challenges and setbacks, but I have also had some incredible successes along the way,” says Jacklin. “It shows people to get back up and get back up. You never know what doors of possibility will open for you.”

Jacklin says he was flattered to be nominated, but didn't think he would be selected.

“There were people who were more qualified than me and older than me and more experienced than me,” he said.

Jacklin is an international speaker who has worked with companies around the world.

Over the past 25 years, he has traveled four continents, training more than one million people, in more than 48 countries.

He has helped numerous businesses from the startup stage to becoming a multimillion-dollar corporations.
Jacklin and his partner, Tatiana, are also the founders of Leaders Yielding to New Knowledge (LY2NK) Foundation, a non-profit organization.

LY2NK is helping support a new sustainable school in Liberia, West Africa, and has a host of other initiatives on the horizon.

To become knighted, Jacklin underwent an extensive background check, character check, social media audit and other requirements.

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