Lumby man Cole Derry undergoes kidney transplant surgery in Vancouver

A second chance at life

A Lumby man has been given a second chance at life after successful kidney transplant surgery in Vancouver.

Cole Derry underwent surgery Monday at Vancouver General Hospital following two years of medical ups and downs and a rejected transplant in 2020.

Both Derry and his living donor, Pam, "are doing pretty well," a post on the Cole's Kidney Journey Facebook page updated followers on Monday.

Family members have been told "everything went as they expected. The new kidney is already working ... which is amazing news!

"This has been an extraordinary experience, and I know that Cole and I are both extremely grateful and so very excited to get to have a chance at a 'normal' life," his partner Karen wrote.

"With the surgery now behind us, we now move onto the recovery phase, which has been more challenging for us. We are hopeful that this will go smoothly but are cautiously optimistic."

They expect to be in Vancouver for six to eight weeks as he recovers from the surgery.

Karen says donor Pam saw their plea for a kidney on Castanet, and they were a match.

"It's incredible to learn about how our families were connected previously even though we had never ment before," wrote Karen. "Truly was meant to be!"

Cole underwent what is hoped to have been his last dialysis treatment Sunday before spending time with his donor prior to the transplant.

There had been some concern Derry's hemoglobin level was too low to perform the surgery, but they were given the go-ahead by doctors at the hospital.

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