Voices of Vernon to help community connect face to face

Voices will be heard

Voices of Vernon shall be heard.

Voices of Vernon is an event designed for the community to lean into and come together in their “human-ness,” a safe space to build and explore connection and curiosity through face-to-face dialogue.

“Who are the voices that make up everyday Vernon? We welcome you to come and find out,” says Emma Heistein, JCI Vernon's Voices of Vernon co-chair.

Learn about experiences from substance use to caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, being a children’s entertainer, hearing loss, child adoption, being a newcomer to Vernon, and more.

The aim of the event is to promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding.

On Saturday and Sunday, people will be able to meet the Voices of Vernon at the Okanagan Regional Library on 30th Avenue.

You can participate by booking a seat at www.orl.bc.ca/vernon or by contacting the library at 250-542-7610.

During the scheduled sessions, small groups will have the opportunity to hear 'the voice' share their story and there will be time for questions and discussion at the end.

The free event is hosted by JCI Vernon and Okanagan Regional Library.

“When the idea of this event was brought to our JCI Vernon chapter, we knew this was a project that would be so rewarding to be a part of. We’re excited to partner with the Vernon library to provide the opportunity for our community to both hear from unique voices and participate in dialogue together,” said co-chair Hailey Rilkoff.

“To truly appreciate someone’s experience the first step is to listen. We are creating a safe space for members of our community to share their experiences without judgment,” added librarian Alison Hayman.

Check the library website regularly as new voices are added.

Anyone interested in being a voice, or looking for more information on the event, can email [email protected].

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