Campaign sign vandalism continues in Vernon as race nears end

More sign vandalism

Candidate sign vandalism continues in Vernon as the municipal election campaign enters its last few days.

Over the weekend, a large sign for council candidate Dawn Tucker was yanked out of the ground and tossed into some trees in Okanagan Landing.

"So the campaign reached new heights today," Tucker wrote on her campaign Facebook page. "I want to thank all those helping me get the word out to residents at all levels, but I think this will require bigger signs for incoming flights to see it in the Landing," she wrote with tongue in cheek.

The latest incident follows vandalism against signs for mayoralty candidates Victor Cumming and Scott Anderson, and one incident in which a sign for council candidate Brian Guy was set on fire.

"It happens to us all," Tucker wrote.

"At least I found it and it was unharmed, so there was that. It does take away time as some of us have smaller, or no, teams than other candidates but that’s how it goes. In the end it’s part of the race...

"All in all, this campaign has been amazing to connect with everyone further, and I’m grateful for the journey."

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