Common sense communication key for council candidate Dawn Tucker

Tucker: listens, answers

Born and raised in Vernon, Dawn Tucker is looking to take their community advocacy to City Hall.

Tucker, known to many as the public voice of Vernon Pride and as administrator of Vernon's largest Facebook forum, with more than 20,000 members, is seeking a seat on city council.

An educator and urban beekeeper, Tucker was "honoured to be selected by my peers as the grand marshall for Vernon’s first Pride March."

"I listen. I find answers for folks."

Tucker continues: "Growing up, my father owned and operated a small business, and from this I learned not only the benefits of shopping local, but also the challenges that our local business owners face, every day. I understand the complex issues our community faces with health and housing. I am part of an intergenerational household and have lived downtown for more than 30 years. Not only do I see old classmates on our streets, but also former students. My work as a secondary school teacher has allowed me to support youth in the classroom, and as a coach and teacher sponsor of clubs for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.

"I am an advocate for our community, because our community matters. My experience with chronic pain gives me empathy and understanding for those in our community with disabilities who must live within limitations, every day. Living downtown, I formed a special appreciation for seniors and their concerns. I was the primary caregiver for my paternal grandparents from high school until they passed."

Tucker has attended council meetings for the past six years and "spent my time informing myself and engaging with our city’s most valuable resource, our residents."

"I know that every tax dollar going into the city is coming from residents wallets and should be spent with that in mind," they said.

"A goal of mine is to bring common sense back to communication at the city level. I want residents to feel heard and responded to."

Tucker says residents deserve a council that is diverse and inclusive.

"We need a council that will be accountable leaders with demonstrated action. We as residents deserve a council that can make the right call without influence from special or private interests. We as residents deserve a council that listens and responds to us.

"I want to have our environment be considered more in our decisions. I want more youth to stay and not move away. I want more families to stay. I want more places in Vernon to be accessible as well as affordable, especially housing and recreation options."

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