Even unintended feeding of wildlife could net a fine under updated Vernon bylaw

Don't feed the wildlife!

People with bird feeders and fruit trees are included in updated Vernon animal bylaws that prohibit the feeding of wildlife.

Three bylaws received final approval without comment from Vernon council on Monday.

The new rules require that any fruit or nuts from a tree, bush or shrub be maintained and stored in a manner that won’t attract wildlife.

Bird feeders should not be accessible to wildlife nor should bird seed be accumulating below the feeder.

Composters should also not be accessible to wildlife, the rules say, and barbecues must be kept clean.

There are exemptions for farming.

Purposely feeding a wild or feral animal can result in a $500 fine, under the updated rules.

The bylaws include fines for such offences as keeping non-farm swine and unconfined rabbits.

Fines could rise to hundreds of dollars for failing to provide proper care to animals.

There are penalties for unsanitary yards, illegal pens and “uncontrolled noise from mini-pigs.”

Failure to comply with urban beekeeping regulations could net in a $150 fine.

There are also fines for abandoning animals, for mini-pigs at large, for failing to spay and neuter animals, and illegal slaughter.

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