Vernon city council will get an update on the area's street-entrenched community at today's council meeting

Update on street entrenched

Vernon city council will be getting an update on what is being done to assist the street entrenched population in the city.

At their regular council meeting today, civic leaders will hear from members from the Social Planning Council and the Turning Points Collaborative Society who will answer any questions council may have about the Social Planning Council's quarterly report.

Council will hear about the Extreme Weather Action Team.

“In order to be prepared for heat waves over the summer, a team was formed with participation from Turning Points Collaborative, the Upper Room Mission, the Community Safety Office, and the COOL (Camp Okanagan Outreach Liaison) Team,” the report states.

“The Extreme Weather Action Team have developed a plan for extreme heat, to ensure people sleeping outside have access to cool spaces and water during heat events. A resource poster has been developed that includes health and safety tips.”

The SPC has also developed a protocol that outlines additional resources available during a heat wave, a communications plan and resource poster, have a plan in place with community partners in case of a heat wave and ensuring people sleeping outside have access to safe, cool spaces and water.

The report also outlines the work of the Harm Reduction Team, Housing Action Team, Folks on Spokes/ Peer Ambassador Program, the Peer Outreach Programs and others.

The full report can be found on the City of Vernon website under council meetings agendas.

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