City of Enderby issuing water quality advisory while crews work on water system June 28-29

Enderby water advisory

A precautionary water quality advisory has been issued for Enderby area residents while crews work on the water system.

The advisory in in effect for the duration of a repair to a critical water distribution component June 28-29.

During that time, any water served by the city's secondary (groundwater) source will be chlorinated, but not receive ultraviolet treatment.

Due to ongoing freshet conditions, the city’s primary (surface water) source cannot reliably supply water to serve the community’s demands.

As a result, there is a risk that the secondary source may be serving drinking water without full multi-barrier treatment.

Until notified otherwise, users with weakened immune systems or those wishing additional protection should take the following precautions when drinking, washing fruit and vegetables, making beverages or ice, or when brushing teeth:

  • Boil water rapidly for at least one minute or use an alternate safe source of water.
  • Use a hand sanitizer after washing your hands.

The city is also requesting water customers reduce non-essential demands to help manage water reserves for critical needs such as drinking water and fire flows.

Residents are asked to turn off automatic irrigation systems from 7 a.m. June 28 to 5 p.m. June 29 and take reasonable steps to avoid or reduce other non-essential uses during the same period.

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